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Whirlpool Bath

Extremity Whirlpool is long, shallow & accessible to fit a variety of individual needs. Designed to treat the entire body, the unit can be beneficial for those suffering from Hip & Back conditions as well as upper Back, Neck & Shoulder problems.

Contrast Bath Physiotherapy


Bath suitable for treatment of arms and leg.

One tank fitted with special heating unit & the other with heavy duty cooling unit.

Each tank provided with digital thermometer and thermostat for temperature control.

Both tanks are well insulated and placed side by side in a heavy tubular steel frame covered with painted steel sheet

Each Chamber Size : 50(L) X 38(W) X 40(D) cms

Additional Information:

  • Item Code : HTP5200

Shoulder Wheel Therapy

Wall mounting heavy duty

Calibrated resistance & 3600 revolution.

Adjustment bar to raise (up) or release (down) as per the height requirements.

Fitted on a laminated board frame.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code : HTP6000

Compact Shoulder Wheel


Compact model.

Resistance can be increased by tightening the strap.

Chrome plated adjustment bars.

Fitted with attachment to raise or lower the unit at the desired height for each patient.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code : HTP6050

Parallel Bar Adjustable


Hand bars made of PVC covered iron tubing.

Mounted on a polished hardwood base with non slip matting

Adjustable height and width.

Detachable abduction board provided.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code : HTP-6100

Quadriceps Exercise Table

Strong powder coated, tubular frame.

Cushioned seat (with or without back rest)

Additional Information:

  • Item Code : HTP-6200

Motorized Tilt Exercise Table


Motorized movement, Jerk free, Smooth & Silent.

Angle adjustment 0-90 degrees.

Upholstered mattress with three wide straps to hold the patient in position

Detachable patient board.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code : HTP-6600

Physio Wooden Treatment


Size (approx): 180(L) x 60(W) cms Rubberized Foam upholstered mattress.

Manually adjustable back rest.

One writing board, one drawer & cubboard.

Mounted on sturdily build well polished hardwood legs.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code : HTP-8000