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Surgical Instruments

HTSC Instrument Range

HTSC provides one of the most comprehensive selections of general, specialty and custom-made surgical instruments, as well as cost-effective instrument management services. HTSC offers a wide range of quality instruments for various specializations including:

General Surgery :- Scalpels, Knives, Forceps, Artery forceps, Scissors, Needle Holders, Retractors, Probes, Suture instruments, Puncture instruments, Spatulas, Dressing instruments, TC instruments, Surgery sets and many more…..

Gynaecology and Obstetrics :- Vaginal speculum, Dilators, Uterine sound, Uterine depressors, Uterine elevating forceps, Hysterectomy forceps, Obstetrical forceps, Biopsy punches, Curettes, Scissors, Forceps, Retractors, Surgery sets and many more…..

Ophthalmic Surgery :- Speculums, Retractors, Knives, Curettes, Manipulators, Choppers, Markers, Scissors, Forceps, Needle Holders, Blade Breakers, Cannulas, Probes, Dilators, Bipolar instruments, Surgery sets and many more…..

Orthopaedic Surgery :- Drills, Saw, Elevators, Bone holding instruments, Curettes, Mallets, Rongeurs, Osteotomes, Chisels, Gouges, Cutting forceps, Implants, Retractors, Reamers, Ortho Surgery sets and many more…..

Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery :- Aural speculum, Forceps, Snears, Rasps, Hooks, Mouth gags, Depressors, Seizing forceps, Curettes, Polypus forceps, Knifes, Biopsy forceps, Suction tubes, Tuning forks, Burs, Surgery sets and many more…..

Laparoscopy :- Cannulas and Trocars, Trocar Incision Closure Devices, Electrodes and Electrosurgical Cables, Laparoscopic Bipolar, Scissors and Graspers, Forceps and Graspers, Hooks and Probes, Knot Pushers, Needles and Needle Holders, Rigid Scopes, Retractors, Scissors etc….

Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery :- Complete range of instruments

Bile, Kidney and Urology :- Complete range of instruments

Intestinal Surgery :- Complete range of instruments

Neurosurgery and Laminectomy :- Complete range of instruments

Diagnostic :- Complete range of instruments

Plastic and Oral Surgery :- Complete range of instruments

Proctology :- Complete range of instruments

Anaesthesia :- Complete range of instruments